The Seychelles IBC: Major Features and Benefits

Seychelles IBCBased on the Bahamas and British Virgin Islands IBC Model, The Seychelles IBC (Seychelles International Business Company) is a tax-free corporation developed for the use of all type of international businesses. Some of its major features are no reporting requirements, high confidentiality and minimum record keeping obligations. Because of the beneficial features, Seychelles IBC has become as one of the most sought in the International Financial Services industry after IBCs. Seychelles is an independent republic and is politically stable and has also signed NO Tax Data Distribution/Sharing Treaties.

There are numerous benefits of the Seychelles IBC that attracts the offshore businesses. One of the major benefits is that it is inexpensive (as the license fee is very low). Moreover, it is also known for its speedy incorporation and it can be incorporated within 24 hours. Another major benefit is its great privacy. There is no as such public register of shareholders, beneficial owners and directors in the Seychelles and hence its confidentiality is guaranteed by law. There is no reporting required and the bearer shares are also permitted. To sum up all, the Seychelles IBC (Seychelles International Business Company) is the most widespread type of Seychelles offshore company because of its fast incorporation, flexibility, low Government fees and better legal structures.


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